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Yes, You Can Work at Home, But What Are You Going To Do?

Well, the simple answer is work. Working at home does not mean kicking back, putting your feet up, and watching TV.

OK, you get it, but you want to know how you are going to go about “working at home.”

In a nutshell, you have to sell something. You can sell a product or a service, but, believe me, nothing is going to happen until you sell something.

You can sell to your family, friends, and neighbors, or even complete strangers, but you have to sell something.

I recommend you sell to complete strangers.

Don’t alienate your friends and neighbors. If you become successful selling to strangers, your friends and family will come around to see what you are doing. Sell to them then when they come to you!

So how are you going to sell to complete strangers? Ah, that is the question.

Sales strategies have been written about extensively. You can chase customers in any number of ways: You can run ads on TV, the radio, or even newspapers; you can put up signs; you can circulate “flyers;” you can knock on doors; you can send post cards; you can make phone calls; or you could even try advertising on the Internet,

Yes, the Internet.That is how you imagine making your fortune by working at home on the Internet.

Yes, I might agree that this is a seductive choice. After all, isn’t everything FREE on the Internet?

Yes, I mean NO! Let me say right now that everything is worth the price you pay for it. If its free, its probably worth nothing. But no cost doesn’t really translate into “free.” Because if you have to work at it, there is a cost (your time and labor).

The Internet allows you to start with very little capital, maybe even less than $1,000.00.

If you are going to work at home, you are going to be in your own business.

How many businesses do you think that you could start or purchase for only $1,000.00?

Even a hamburger stand could cost you more than $100,000. to start. Maybe it could run all the way up to $1,000,000. if you wanted one of those name-brand franchises.

So what you are going to do is start your own business. You are going to establish a budget to start your business, because you are going to have expenses.

A Sample Budget

  • Register domain name – $20.00.
  • Hosting account – $150.00.
  • Books on Internet Marketing, home office – $60.00.
  • Auto-responder account – $60.00.
  • Website – $250.00.
  • Advertising budget – $250.00
  • Software – $210.00.
  • TOTAL – $1,000.00.


This budget will probably get you started. Depending on how hard you work, how well you select your products, how well you write your ads, and how lucky you are, you may not need to invest any more of your own money.

But even if you do need to supplement your initial investment, you have all the basics in place for the first two years. You should be able to make it.

Now what are you going to sell? You could find a product or service to sell, or you could simply send them to somebody else, so they could then sell them their product or service. This is called “affiliate marketing.” It is not a bad way to get started.

When you refer your customer to the other website, they will pay you (their affiliate) a commission when they make a sale.

Eventually you will want to sell your own product or service, but in the mean time you can make a little money being an affiliate.

Good luck!

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