Lyoness Review

Several months ago one of my connections on LinkedIn suggested I check out Lyoness The CashBack Card.

I wasn’t really interested in joining another opportunity, but I did promise I would watch their webinar.

When it was over I decided it wouldn’t hurt to let my friend sign me up. After all, it didn’t cost me a dime.

Even though I spent almost two hours watching the webinar, I still didn’t get it. I thought it was all about cash back on my purchases. And I figured I could make a few hundred dollars each year for just doing what I was already doing: buying gas and groceries. I didn’t have to change stores or anything. I still get my gas at the Mobil station near my house, and my wife still shops at Wal-Mart. The only difference is that now I earn cash back with every purchase.

So far so good. It only makes sense to belong.

Now we do belong to other opportunities. Our rule is that we don’t  impose on family or friends to join our opportunities. We strive to maintain good relations with our relations.

Lyoness is an exception to our rule. we have recommended Lyoness to them. After all, its free for them to join. It does cost us $1.50 to enroll them. A small price we are very willing to pay to extend the benefits of Lyoness to each of them.

They don’t get it either, but they have joined.

Since I didn’t really get it, I felt that I had better watch the video again. I actually ended up watching it 8 times. Every time I watched it, I got a little more out of it. Now there are additional videos available. I’ve watched them all. I can’t seem to get enough.

My position has evolved. Now I am excited about Lyoness. There is more to it than just cash back. The rest of the story is about Loyalty Rewards. This is actually the best part. The payouts on the Loyalty Rewards are staggering.

I need to pause here to mention that all the money in Lyoness comes from shopping. A whole lot of shopping. It is paid by the merchants who pay it willingly in order to get more business. They (the merchants) want our loyalty. In exchange they give us loyalty rewards. Millions of dollars in loyalty rewards.

I’ve decided to make Lyoness my business. They say that about five percent of Lyoness members opt to be Independent Business Representatives. I’m one of those one in twenty Lyoness members that wants more than just “cash back.”

If you decide to join us, you can choose to just be a shopper. Nineteen out of twenty Lyoness members just shop and earn cash back. Even if they give the card to a couple of their friends, neighbors, or relatives, they can stay a shopper for life. The only expense they will have will be $1.50 for each card they give.

There are absolutely no other costs, fees, or obligations to maintain your membership ever, except for one purchase from any Lyoness merchant for any amount (even one dollar) to activate your membership.

If you are ready to watch the video, here it is. It has been broken into three parts so you can watch it (or rewatch it) as you please:

password: discoverlyoness
Another webinar will give you more specific information on the comp plan:

password:  discoverlyoness

And if you are thinking, well this is just another network marketing opportunity, then you need to watch this webinar:

password:  discoverlyoness

When you are ready, call me and I will sign you up. FOR FREE.

Bill Roberts   619-244-4610

Remember, it costs you nothing to join. Nor will you have to pay monthly or annual membership fees. Nor are there any “auto-ship” requirements.

 BTW, I’ve been a part of Lyoness for less than a year now but I have earned some actual money AND I have accumulated enough shopping units to eventually pay me more than a million dollars. My retirement is assured.

Your success is just a few steps away. Let me recommend you for membership in Lyoness. After your membership is confirmed I will coach you on how to maximize your benefits.



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