Getting Started

You have basic needs no matter what you decide to do:

If you are going to work at home you need an actual place to work. The kitchen table just won’t do. You need to be “comfortable” in your place, not “squatting” on family territory.  You also need to have everything you use daily at hand. No, the kitchen table just won’t do.

You will need a computer that is just yours. Not a shared family computer. And you will need a high speed Internet connection.

Basic office tools and supplies will also be needed. A home office is just that, an office. File folders and yellow pads come to mind. Paperless just isn’t a reality (yet).

Once your home office is all set up you are ready to decide exactly which route you will take to your home business.

You need to decide if you are going to sell something on the Internet or if you are going to join a network marketing opportunity or both, which would be my choice.

This book is $10 well spent.

Once your office is set up there are a few other things you will need:

    • Computer with high speed Internet
    • Cameras, video and still
    • E-mail service with auto-responder
    • Your own website (URL)
    • Web host

This site is hosted on BlueHost. I like it and I think you will also if you choose to “do it yourself.” Host Unlimited Domains – 1 Account $6.95 Per Month

    • Bookkeeping software

I use QuickBooks.Get 20% off Quickbooks Pro 2012 Software and get 1 Hour free with a Quickbooks Expert!

  • Merchant account
  • Shopping cart
  • A good understanding of Internet Marketing
  • A social media presence

And you will need the determination to get started. Start here with a set of FREE videos: Getting started on a budget.

Another book that will be a great help.

And maybe you might want to read another guide to getting started. He has some very interesting ideas on how to work from home.

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2 thoughts on “Getting Started

  1. I have to say that I disagree with your post Bill. Yes, it wise to have your own space to work at but not everyone can afford to get started with everything all at once. I personally started at my kitchen table. The kids went to school and I brought my computer and my box of office supplies into the kitchen and worked there all day until they came home. From there I upgraded to a card table in my bedroom where I wouldn’t have to move anything and could talk on the phone when needed in quiet. I now have a lovely home office but that’s not how I got started. I do, however, agree that you need to have your own domain name and hosting. As soon as possible you need to have an autoresponder. Get on as many social sites and as you can just make friends with a lot of people. The merchant account, the shopping cart, etc, really depends on what type of marketing you are going to do. If example, if you are not selling anything of your own on your website then you don’t really have to have these. With so many affiliate marketing platforms, Clickbank and eBay included, they take care of sales so you don’t have to. And as for Internet knowledge, I don’t know about you Bill, but although I did buy a lot of courses and such when I first started, most of my knowledge has come through my experiences. Don’t be scared to get started right away because you wouldn’t get an ‘A’ on an internet marketing exam. The internet changes daily so while it’s great to learn from books, courses, etc, a lot of times those types of education are old school by the time you employ them in your business. To all, much success. Do something in your business every single day and you will get to the top.

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