Build a Team or Join a Team?

If you are going to work from home will you have to go it alone?
Not if you have a TEAM.
If you are doing Network Marketing you are already on a Team. But the question is “is it working for you?”
Picking the right Team can make all the difference in the world. It is the first place you should go to for help. A Team leader, or even another Team member, can answer some of your qestions which have got you stuck.
Getting stuck is why most Internet Marketers and Network Marketers quit. Getting “unstuck” can, and often does lead to SUCCESS.
Another major benefit of a good Team is “spill over.” Spill over is the people and/or sales you get from your upline Team. Spill over is why I like a BINARY PAY PLAN. With a binary pay plan you have to get spill over because your upline has no place else to place new members.
If you have the right Team, you will benefit over and over again.
Selecting your Team is even more important than selecting your opportunity. You can have the best opportunity in the world but if don’t have a good Team then you will struggle every day.
If you have a GOOD TEAM they will do everything they can to make sure you are successful.
So, should you form your own Team or should you look for a Team to join? That is the question. I think that for most of us it only makes sense to join an existing Team.
When you join an existing Team, you will join all of their opportunities. If they only promote one opportunity you will be severely handicapped. Network Marketing companies have a history of changing their pay plans to your disadvantage or going out of business all together. It is prudent to belong to several opportunities at the same time. An opportunity that won’t allow you to belong to other opportunities is one to avoid. I can’t say this strongly enough. Don’t join a company that has in its “rules” a proscription against joining other opportunities.
Finding these complementary companies is what a GOOD TEAM has already done for you.
Remember, you are joining the TEAM. It doesn’t matter what their opportunities are, They have picked good ones for sure and they will pick more good ones in the future. Your upline and your downline will be preserved.
If you choose to go it alone, when the company folds, so will your upline and downline. Everybody will be scrambling to re-establish themselves. If you are a part of a Team then you won’t have to scramble. You can take it in stride. The Team will find a new opportunity to replace the defunct one and you will maintain your position.
Find a GOOD TEAM and join now.

2 thoughts on “Build a Team or Join a Team?

  1. I love this post Bill. Everything you have said here is true.. to an extent. I am presently working with a company that has a placed matrix rather than a forced matrix and it works so much better. There is still a lot of spill over because the matrix is a 3 x 9. Our team is the number one team in this company, and the reason for that is because we devote ourselves to helping each other and new affiliates. We win as a team! If you are ever on Facebook look up the Bidxcel Money Maker and you can see just how much we care about and assist each other. The other thing I love about the company I work with is that they have a profit sharing plan that is calculated daily and paid every Friday. Profit sharing is not usually heard of in network marketing and this unique element is extremely powerful. Anyway, I love what you are doing with this site Bill. Keep posting this great content for all of your readers. Enjoy life Irene and Bill, and all that it can be!

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